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Rich Teeter

M: 217-341-4622

The skills/personality traits that make me a great Realtor:
I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. My clients tell me that I’m personable and energetic (it’s easy to be excited when I love my job). Growing up on a farm, I was taught a good work ethic and that work always comes before play.

Awards I’ve received:
RE/MAX 100% Club, Outstanding Service Award, Certified Crop Advisor License, Drone Pilots License, Pearson Master Teacher Award finalist, Amateur hot dog eating contest, “Best Husband Award” 20 years running. I’m sure my wife will back me up on this. Maybe?

When working with me, people can expect:
Me to give it everything I have got throughout the entire process. I would say I give 110% but I hate when people say that because it is mathematically impossible. They will get my many years of experience in negotiating deals. There are challenges along the way and being in the business for as long as I have it makes it easier to negotiate since I have probably encountered it before. That being said, every day presents new challenges.

In my spare time, I like to:
Spend time with my family. My kids are all active in sports (football, baseball, volleyball). I love watching them play. I also like to fish and unplug with nature when I can.

My biggest pet peeve:
Cheese pizza. What a waste. Put some meat on that. And wet socks. I’ve been known to shed a few tears over wet socks. Drives me insane. I’m convinced my kids leave puddles around the kitchen just to torment me.

Rich Teeter
Mobile: 217-341-4622
The Kathy Garst Sales Team
3701 W. Wabash Ave
Springfield IL 62711

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